"Chris helped me in my relationship, to understand myself better and to help identify my fears that were part of the issue. He has an ability to accurately pinpoint the issue and offer a good solution. Chris is warm, understanding and empathic, and good at listening to your story to have a full picture. His depth and breadth of experience in life and situations have equipped him to advise and counsel others. He has a keen sense of observing patterns and being able to draw accurate conclusions. I would not hesitate to recommend him if you need a counselor, mentor or life coach!"

Jinren, Software Developer, Canada

"I met Chris in my country ( Brazil ) 5 years ago. With his help there is now not a days my relationship with other people is much better, especially inside of my house. Also I can say that he helped me to open my mind and think different about many things in life, like to listen more and talk less, to be thankful because we already have all that we need to live well.
Chris is one of those people that pass in our lifes and leave some very positive and special marks, Thanks for all Chris."

Ismael, Airline Pilot, Brazil

"I met Chris about 7 years ago in Brazil, and since the beginning I felt, he was going to be someone important in my life. I remember one of the most important thoughts he shared with me once: “what is important is to have the right question, answers are always the easy part”. It is amazing how he brings to the conscious mind what we already know deeply inside our hearts, which most of the time could be shocking, but I know that he helped me understand better myself and also the world surrounding me. 
I think Chris is really connected with his own spirit, he has a natural intuitive side and a strong emotional intelligence, both gifts which he decided to share and help others. I consider him a natural life-coach, I also know that himself has been through a really deep change. He practices what he believes every day, he experiences his thoughts on real life.
Nowadays we share a lot of ideas and I know I can count on him each time I need. He is and has been a bliss on my own path. "

Guada, Head Fitness Coach, Italy

"Before meeting Chris I felt like I've learned and understood a lot about life especially when it comes to making decisions, and understanding the freedom that I have.
After a personal talk with Chris I realized so many things. It opens up my mind to a newer and better perspective. Discovering my values and uncovering the self-limiting beliefs that stood in my way, I was able to start making better decisions and a clearer direction to my life goals. Listening to him can gain a lot of ideas and motivates you on a higher level. I could not more highly recommend Chris as a Life Coach."

Lenmar, Mobile App Developer, Philippines