• The Emotional Masterchef: A Recipe for a Happier You

    Ah, emotions! Those pesky, unpredictable, often misunderstood elements of our human experience. They can be as unpredictable as a weather forecast in April – sunny one moment and a downpour the next. Even though we often pride ourselves on being rational beings, the truth is, that our emotions often steer the ship of our lives, leading us into...


Whether you’re searching for your first job, were recently laid off, or are dreaming of a career change, the book's powerful, insightful, and straight-to-the-point advice will forever change how you perceive job hunting.

  • Are you feeling stuck in a job you don't enjoy? Time to fire the boss!
  • Did you just lose your job? It might be the best thing that happened to you in a long time.
  • You know the job you want but think you can’t get it!

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"Many things in life will catch your eye,
but only a few will capture your heart. Follow those..."

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