Imagine a world where every child, regardless of where they come from, brims with ideas so vast, so deep, and so broad, that our current reality seems like an old black-and-white photograph compared to their Technicolor dreams. And now, brace yourself for a little chuckle, and possibly a few eye rolls – these children are us. Or rather, they were.

Here's an amusing (or depressing, depending on how you see it) thought: When was the last time you sat down, staring at a blank wall, and let your imagination wander? If you're like most adults, it's probably been a while. Why? Because somewhere along the line, our good ol' education system decided it was more 'practical' to have us memorize the periodic table (I mean, who doesn't use "Ununennium" in daily conversation?) rather than nourish our innate gift of creativity.

It seems like the agenda was clear: minimize creative subjects in schools. Not because the powers-that-be hate art or loathe Shakespeare, but because, humorously, those subjects might make us dream a tad too much. Now, there's a sequence here, a chain reaction of sorts, so stay with me. Imagination triggers dreams. Dreams birth inspiration. Inspiration begets creation. Voilà! This is the magic formula for the world's most innovative ideas, from the iPhone to sliced bread (because let's face it, slicing bread was a game-changer). The journey from imagination to creation is a fascinating one, and schools, intentionally or not, might be diverting us away from it.

But, alas, instead of gearing up to produce dreamers and creators, our education system seems to be cultivating a plot right out of George Orwell's "1984". One might jest that if the system had its way, children would come out of schools resembling, not the next Picasso, but well-programmed robots. One might argue, that the system seems more enthused about creating a dystopian dream rather than encouraging us to dream and architect our own realms.

By the time we "graduate" from the indoctrination machine, our once-boundless imagination has dwindled. Our reservoir of creativity and curiosity is reduced to a mere puddle, and for many, even that evaporates. It's as if we've been on a diet exclusively of boiled potatoes when we once feasted on a smorgasbord of life's delicacies.

The pressing challenge? Most of us struggle to envision a brighter, different future. It's a bit like trying to convince someone who's never tasted chocolate that it's worth every calorie. You and I, dear reader, have to stimulate that palate again.

So, where do we begin? Let's not embark on a journey to annihilate the old but to usher in the new. Let's reintroduce humanity to, well, humans. Because, believe it or not, in this vast universe, our planet is bursting with abundance. And I'm not just talking about Netflix series. It's an abundance where no one should be hungry or cold. It's a place where competition is a myth, and cooperation becomes our mantra.

We need to dream, imagine, talk about our dreams, scribble them down, sing them out loud, and bring them to life. And if you think that sounds too fanciful, remember, every significant change in history started as a dream in someone's heart. Imagine a world where humanity thrives through collaboration, where local actions ripple into global impacts, and where the illusion of scarcity dissipates, revealing the abundance our planet genuinely offers.

Let’s dream together, and not just in hushed whispers. Let's chat over coffee, discuss over dinner, and plan as we walk under the stars. And let's act on it. Every step, no matter how tiny, moves us closer to that envisioned future.

For a moment, drown out the noise of the world's maddening circus. Focus, instead, on the reality we yearn for ourselves and for generations to come. Recall those days when the line between the possible and impossible was blurred. When every cardboard box was a spaceship and every garden, a jungle? We need to reclaim that sense of boundless potential.

Because, my friend, before the system tried to mold us into its image, we were the dreamers, the thinkers, the doers. It's time to reclaim our destiny, dream together, and create the vibrant future that was once snatched from us. The world doesn't need more robots; it needs dreamers!


"Many things in life will catch your eye,
but only a few will capture your heart. Follow those..."

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