Society would like to convince us that if we follow the "rules", get an education, a good job, and have a family we will be happy ever after, in short the dream life.
However as young adults are thrown into active life, it does not take long to realized that not only that is not how life works, but also the education provided provided by the system at best, ill prepare us for the real life and at worse totally mislead us on what a happy life is really about. In fact education as never been design for that, it sole purpose was to create factory worker.

Because we are mislead about what life is really about, we are constantly bombarded with overwhelming challenges, which in turn inevitably create stress and a state of powerlessness.

The truth though is much more simple, once you discover who you are and start to walk on the path your journey was meant to be, things start to make a lot more sense. Challenges will not go away, but you will be able to face them with courage, confidence and a deeper sense of purpose throughout your experiences.
Rather than running senseless after goals that you are not even sure are yours, you will journey peacefully through life, in harmony with people and nature surrounding you.

Find Your Bliss